Danger! Back Pain!

Running comes with many pleasures: the brisk morning air, the instant boost of energy, the feeling that your body is alive. They are all nice, but running is also joined by some imminent villains. The pain that the athlete may experience is often the reason why so many beginners give up running, and they are all hard to bear.

Running with back pain is not something that you may want to experience. But it is something you may keep under control.


Why do back pains appear? Well, the answer usually resides in aspects such as the wrong shoes, an improper running surface such as concrete or an inappropriate running posture. Elite runners only got to this point due to their close care for these particular details that can increase performance or dramatically contribute to pain. Another key aspect is that runners tend to exploit themselves, both physically and psychically. As a runner, you need to increase distance, speed, you need to push the limits. They are all part of the motivational process. But make sure you don’t push them too far. Improper training or a faulty posture can compromise the health of your body.

The life of a runner may be full of traps. It is easy to start running, but it is tough to keep on doing it, especially if you go the wrong away about it. It is important to make the right choices even from the beginning. Starting with details such as the appropriate running shoes, trying to keep the body upright, an easy bounce on the stride, the runner must carefully build a proper training mechanism.

But prior to that, it is highly important for the runner to acquire the right running gear.Keep in mind that the body must feel comfortable while running and foremost, the shock of the stride must be well absorbed by the shoes. Visit a professional gear shop and ask for assistance. If you’ve been running for a while now and your shoes are just fine but you still experience back pain, it is recommended that you visit a physicist. The more you procrastinate the therapist visit, the more your body will hurt.

There are several running techniques that you may choose from, by properly assessing your body. It is very important to remember that the right technique is firstly a relaxed and efficient one. What you are actually doing while running is transmitting a force into the ground and developing a forward motion by using the hip, the knee and ankle. A harmonious use of these elements will keep you away from undesired pains and discomfort.

It is important to run while exploiting what can’t be hurt. Remember to use the ground more than you use your body. This way you’ll keep yourself running and pain free.

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