Bowflex T5 TreadClimber (Discontinued)


UPDATE: The Bowflex T5 TreadClimber has been replaced by all new advanced models.

Check out the new TC100 and TC200 here for full reviews.


Out of the 3 TreadClimbers, TC10, TC20 and T5, the latter is the cheapest and the simplest.

The TC5 has a simple console, a simple design and a reduced pack of workouts. But it is also simple to move it around the house easily and doesn’t take too much space. For a machine that was designed to meet the most basic needs of a treadclimber user, it rates well in many categories.

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Speed : up to 4.5 mph

Incline : NA

Motor : NA

Maximum User Weight : 300 lbs/ 136 kg

Unit Dimensions : 43.1" L x 27" W x 52.8" H/ 109 cm x 69 cm x 134 cm

Unit Weight : 163 lbs/ 74 kg

Frame : Steel

Maximum Ceiling Height : The treadles are 17 inches (43 cm) from the floor. Add this value to your height plus a few inches more for maximum comfort, in order to calculate your minimum ceiling height.

Power Requirements : 1.0 - 3.3VDC

Warranty : 1 year for the entire machine Additionally, a 6 weeks Fitness Results Guarantee backs up the unit.


Display Info

The G.O. Coach console displays one workout information at a time, surfing through all 4 as you work out: speed, distance, time and calories.

The Scan button allows users to move through options like Results or the Console Setup Mode. Also, this button allows users to hold the currently displayed workout value, creating a workout with one of the values displayed.

Heart Rate Readings

not included


This treadclimber endorses two types of workouts: Steady State and Interval Training. Interval training involves adjusting speed for specific lengths of time to lower and increase your breathing rate.

A quality cushioning system provides comfort during workouts.

A cool down mode is available, once your workout is over.

Calories Burned Indicator– included

Climb Indicator– included

Ergonomic Console- included

Transport Wheels– included

Bowflex Weight Loss Plan– included


Out of the three 2012 Bowflex treadclimbers, the TC5 is the most affordable. This means that it also has the least features and few programming options. Even so, it is still a treadclimber, perfectly able to help you burn calories twice as much than a regular workout. But, is it right for you?


Let’s just say this: If you just moved in into a small apartment and you fear there’s no place for a treadclimber, just relax. The T5 is the most compact treadclimber version we found so far and it’s definitely an advantage, even if you’re not forced to compromise on space.

Any additional fears you may have related to noise, you can forget about them. The T5 has no motor whatsoever. Of course, this aspect has its drawbacks.

The console is incredibly simplistic. You can start your workout by simply touching one button and you can scan your workout feedback by toggling through the displayed information. You won’t get more than 4 feedback values, but then again, this unit is renowned for the bare essentials it offers.

There are only 2 types of workouts, which may be insufficient for some users and more than enough for others. Again, this is a simple, narrowly-featured treadclimber version. But you can definitely see the results, and quickly. To give you a small lift, the Bowflex Weight Loss Plan helps you burn calories fast and efficiently. This is a major pro for beginner users.

One thing that we liked even from the start is the design. It’s simple, sleek and sexy. Plus, you get to push it back and forward on the transport wheels, no lifting, no pressing, no pain whatsoever.

Main Attraction

The main attraction of this treadmill is that it has a nice design, it doesn’t take much space, the console is easy to use and read, workouts are few but efficient and you get to move it around whenever you want. For a $1000 treadclimber, we believe this is a worthy combination.


We are quite appreciative when it comes to silent motors, so you can imagine how happy we are with no motor at all. At least, as far as sound goes. But many users may decide to compromise, as long as they get a motorized version. It’s a matter of choice, really. It depends on your goals and if a no-motor treadclimber is not your thing, you should go for a more advanced TC100 or TC200.

There is no heart rate monitor and you must surf back and forth to check feedback information.

But despite the inconvenient, the T5 is a $1000 machine that we recommend to users who want to lose weight, while avoiding the complications of a bigger treadclimber, with features they may never use.

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