A Workout for Expectant Moms

First of all congratulations for your baby 🙂 ! I’m sure you’ll make a great mom.

If before pregnancy you were an active person you probably miss those training days. In this article we’ve compiled a workout especially designed for expectant moms. This isn’t a hard workout but if you feel is too much for you, stop or slow down.

Start with some stretching moves. Then continue with a 5 minute warm up at a slow pace and 0% incline. Do a 5 minute speed interval at 4 mph and incline at 1.5-2%.

Slow your pace at 2.5-3mph and 1% incline and do a 2 minute recovery period.


Continue with another 5 minute interval, but this time the incline should be much higher. Set your treadmill speed at 4mph and incline at 3%.

Do another 2 minute recovery interval but this time keep the incline at 3%. Speed should be around 2.5-3 mph. Repeat the previous 5 minute interval. If you feel comfortable increase incline by 1% and speed by 0.5% This will be the last 2 minute recovery interval: Gradually lower your incline and speed until you have 2.5mph and 0%.

Save the last 5 minutes for cool down and stretching.

This exercise will keep you in shape especially in the last months of pregnancy. You should note that this workout has an informative value only. Consult your doctor before starting the training and lower the speed and incline until you feel comfortable.

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