The Retro Workout

This workout has nothing to do with the 70’s fashion 🙂 It’s all about walking backwards.

The goal of the Retro workout is to increase your coordination and improve your balance and strength.

This is not a heavy workout and it adds focus on movements. The exercise should take around 15 minutes and you can do it whenever you feel bored with your usual training workout.

The workout should be done with hands off the side rails otherwise you will not do this exercise correctly. When you walk backwards without keeping your hands on the side rails the postural muscles are under heavier use.


This exercise should start at slow speed – only one mile per hour. Don’t try to increase the speed unless you have absolute confidence in your strength. Only when you feel you do the workout correctly you should increase the speed with another 0.5 mph. Most people reach easily 4 mph speed which is more than enough for a correct workout.

You don’t need to spend a lot of time walking backwards to see the benefits and upgrades in your athletic performance. This is a very good workout that besides increasing your fitness level it adds a little spice in your routine so make sure you do it at least one time per week.

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