Ready To Burn Calories In 30-Minute workouts?

Thinking of losing a few extra pounds? Worried that the treadmill you run on doesn’t list accurate calories and doesn’t have a wireless heart rate to monitor the target heart rate? We’ve been there and we know how you feel.

That’s why at we developed a Workout Creator tool to create, share and print workouts easily, while keeping track of the most important workout feedback (distance ran, pace, calories burned and VO2).

If you’re a newbie or a streaker, try the next exercises tested by us during our reviews. Even better, if you have your own workouts, try the creator tool to save your own exercises and share them with other runners.

Why not make training on treadmills engaging and motivating if it’s possible? The next 30 minute workout for beginners helps to burn 150 calories with little effort and at walking pace.

More experimented runners can raise the bar and try the next exercise, which requires speed and incline endurance. The workout helps to burn 350 calories in 30 minute.

We already included the Warm-Up and Cool down sessions in the exercises. All you have to do is print and try them. The estimations have considered 165 lbs user weight, but you can create your own profile and design the workouts to consider you personal weight.

Don’t forget that you can use the Custom Workouts option to add a custom exercise in treadmills consoles in advance so you don’t have to change incline and speed manually every 2 minutes.

Disclaimer: We’re not professional trainers. Please remember that you can try the above workouts at your own risk. Please consult a physician before using the workouts shared through RunReviews Workout Creator. The estimations for VO2 and Calories are calculated based on ACSM Metabolic Equations for running and walking.

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