Mistake No.7

Not Challenging Yourself

Not challenging themselves – this is one of the most common mistakes people make when working out. If you train every day and you do the same exercise or the same set of workouts is very possible to not improve your fitness level and get bored at the same time.

Doing the same things for a long period makes the body get used to workout intensity and since you don’t push yourself you will not see any improvements.

There are several factors that influence training and they can be adjusted in order to challenge you. The first one is the training intensity. You can add more intensity by changing the treadmill incline or speed.


The second factor is training duration. Increase your workout time but be careful and do not exaggerate. You can increase the duration of the training by 10-15% per week or double the training session one time per week.

Another factor that can help you improve your fitness level is the training frequency. If you train for 3 times per week try to do this every day. If you do this every day try to do a workout in the morning and one in the evening (at the beginning do shorter sessions).

If you start to get bored and feel like you are not challenged enough you can vary the exercises.

Combine the workouts with weight training, bike or stair climber. Last but not least: Set goals and try to achieve them. If you walk/run 3 miles per day try to do it for 5 miles. Again do not try to reach a goal in a single training session but plan a slow increase over multiple days.

Also many of the latest treadmills offer things like “virtual opponents”. Use these features in order to make the workouts more interesting.

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