Mistake No.6

Walking Too Fast

Another common mistake that people do during a workout is to walk too fast. You have to walk as fast as you can but in the same time you have to keep a good walking posture, not over stride, lean forward and don’t make other mistakes.

If walking is too slow for you or you think your walking posture is incorrect at high speed you should consider running. Running will increase the number of burned calories and you will soon see a change in the mirror.


At the beginning warm up at an easy pace for 5 minutes then start walking in a normal way. Then slowly increase the pace but make sure you keep a good walking posture and you move correctly.

Slowly increase your speed until you reach the jogging pace. Run for 3 minutes then go back to the fast walking speed. Walk for 3-5 minutes and then start another jogging interval.

Remember that the most important is to exercise correctly and keep a good posture. You will get a better workout if you exercise properly, even though at a lower pace.

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