Mistake No.5

Not Using Your Feet or Arms

There are two very common mistakes people do when they walk or run: they don’t use their feet and arms correctly. The right way to do a walking step is to strike with the heel in front while you slightly take off the ground. Then roll through the step from heel to toe. When the big toe is on the ground you are midway to the next step and the foot in front is next to the rear foot.

If you are using stiff walking shoes you will not be able to do this exercise correctly so try to get better flexible running shoes. Also in case you didn’t know: It takes only a couple of minutes during each training session to correct a possible bad habit. Just spend 4-5 minutes during each training focusing on your moves.


Two Things To Remember:

  • Keep your foot in front like it shows its sole to someone facing you.
  • Keep the rear foot on the ground longer and really give it that push off.

Another common mistake people do is not use their hands correctly. With proper arm movement you can walk/run faster and burn more calories. Here are some things you should do when you exercise on a treadmill.

  • Bend your arms 90 degrees and keep them close to your body.
  • Relax your shoulders.
  • Do a train motion; forward and backward.
  • Your arms move opposite to each leg: take one arm forward when the opposite leg is forward (ex: left hand, right foot).
  • Focus on keeping the most of your arm moves in the back of your body.
  • When your arms come in front of your body keep this forward stroke fairly short.
  • Your arms can come forward diagonally, but they shouldn’t cross the midpoint.

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