How to use the RunReviews Workout Creator tool

How to use the RunReviews workout creator tool

We recently launched a unique application for treadmill users, and we’re very happy to receive a positive response from the readers who have tried it so far.

It’s a cool tool that can help anyone create, share and print treadmill workouts in a few steps. How it helps you?

– You know beforehand the results of your effort, like calories you’ll burn and the weight you’ll lose, numbers estimated considering user weight.

– You have the opportunity to share your treadmill workouts with your blog readers and give them the option to Print these exercises with just one click.

– If your treadmill is compatible with the feature ‘Custom Workouts’, you can use it to insert the exercises you create with the RunReviews Workout creator tool in your treadmill’s console as preset exercises . By doing this, your treadmill automatically changes incline and speed during the exercise.

We’ve created a short video to guide you through the main features of the RunReviews Creator tool. If you need more help, or you have a suggestion, please email me at [email protected]

I look forward to receiving your feedback.

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