Burn Your Calories on a Treadmill

The treadmill is generally considered by fitness enthusiasts one of the top weight loss tools. According to different medical studies, the treadmill can burn up to 800 calories during an average 60 minute workout. So..Why wait? Go for it!

There are several ways in which you can burn calories on a treadmill. Some are listed below, others wait for you find or invent!

  • Walk Uphill Using your treadmill incline forces a larger group of muscles to work and thus you burn more calories. Furthermore, you can choose your own level of difficulty and degree of inclination or you can alternate between walking on a steep incline and a normal incline.
  • burn_calories_treadmill

  • Don’t Grip The Handrails If you want to gain as much from a few minutes’ running on the treadmill as you can don’t try to cheat and get help from the treadmill frame. It’s better that the legs work for themselves.
  • Alternate Speed Intervals In order to get a maximum calories burn, you should alternate between running fast and walking at normal pace.
  • Believe in Your Predefined Fitness and Weight Loss Goals Finally, you should stick to your fitness program and weight loss goals daily and expect to see results at the end of a predefined period. Don’t discourage if a miracle does not happen over night and remember that repetition is the key to success.

Just follow these methods and it is most likely you will reach your weigh loss goals soon.

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