Beginners’ Short Guide In Treadmill Training

OK, so you are new in treadmill training. No problem. We were all beginners at some point and there is no shame in acknowledging this. You may know or not the following details, but either way you should read them before starting to jog your first mile.

There are 3 basic exercises: walking, jogging and running. As a beginner, go with walking first and only after you achieve a better fitness level move to jogging. In the end the goal is to lose some pounds and improve your health level. This can be achieved through walking workouts.


When you feel you love doing treadmill jogging workouts you can start running and move to the next level. But if you are beginner you must know that walking is enough for you.

Now if you are a beginner there are big chances to have a poor fitness level. If this is the case you don’t need to despair. Make a training program and stick with it. If you can exercise only 15 minutes instead one hour is fine; just don’t get lazy and skip the training session. In the end, if you work out daily your fitness level will increase and you will be in better shape sooner than you’ve hoped.

One common mistake, especially for beginners, is the lack of warm up. Do not start working on the treadmill without doing some stretching and warm up. If you skip this part you risk having various muscle injuries.

Don’t over train. Over training can produce serious injuries so take it easy. Results will come if you are patient and train daily.

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