The Aerobic Walk

When To Do It

This exercise can be done every day and can be a good alternative to the health walk or the fat burning walk.


This exercise increases lungs power and capacity. This means you breath easier and your lungs are in good shape (this is an exercise especially recommended to smokers). This exercise also increases the number of blood vessels in the muscle and improves blood circulation.

When you do this workout 50 percent of the necessary energy comes from burning fat, 49% are carbohydrates and around 1% is a small amount of proteins.


The Aerobic Walk Exercise

  • Start by warming up and walk slowly for five to ten minutes.
  • After warming up get away from the treadmill and stretch for another 5 minutes. This exercise will prevent injuries and things like tight calves.
  • After stretching get on the treadmill again and walk at a pace that increases the heart rate to about 70-80% of your maximum heart rate. The rhythm is pretty intense so be prepared to breathe a little harder. Continue to walk in this rhythm for around 40 minutes.
  • After 40 minutes slow down and walk again for 5 minutes (at an easy pace). At the end of this exercise it’s recommended to do also some stretching and flexibility exercises.

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