What do I need to buy besides the treadmill itself?

Question: I’m thinking of buying a treadmill and I’d like to know if there are other accessories that I need to buy as well.

Answer:Some treadmill accessories are as important as the treadmill itself. Here are some suggestions of accessories and their functions:

  • First of all, you need a carpet under your treadmill. Take this seriously if you want to protect the floor and dampen noise and vibration.
  • Then you need a treadmill cleaning kit for proper maintenance of your treadmill. Usually, this is included in the initial treadmill pack, but not always.
  • You can buy books, video programs and DVDs with treadmill workouts&exercises if you want professional trainer advice and suggestions.
  • To protect your treadmill from excessive dirt and to keep it in a good shape, buy a treadmill cover. You can choose between a cover for folding treadmill or a cover for the non folding treadmill.
  • You can buy a cardio caddy which will help you keep your belongings within reach. You can find models adapted to your needs: to hold the water bottle, the TV remote, the keys or the towel.
  • A lubrication kit is also very useful, as it helps you preserve the motor of your treadmill as new.

Our most useful tip we want to share with you is to always have at hand tools for small repairs you can do yourself. This will save you some good money and time.

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