How to make Bowflex TC 1000 Treadclimber a Treadmill?

Question: I have a treadclimber tc1000 and am not sure how to adjust it from a regular walking treadmill to a treadclimber?

Answer: First, make sure you disconnect the treadmill from the power source.

Next step is to lock together the treadles from the treadles-locking lever. The lever is in front of the treadclimber. When you use it in treadclimber mode, the lever is down.

If you want to use the machine in treadmill mode, you must change the lever position up. The lever must be moved downward, then left, then upward. You can do this with your foot.

Next, step on each treadle individually until it goes in horizontal position. When you hear a click it’s all done.

One Response to How to make Bowflex TC 1000 Treadclimber a Treadmill?

  1. Michael says:

    I’ve followed these instructions but it stops at about 30 degrees. One will go down all the way horizontal. When try to depress the other one it stops even with the other.

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