How to get a treadmill to make no noise or vibrations ?

Question: I live on the second floor of an apartment building and the treadmill makes noise and vibrations that can be felt/heard from the people living below me. Is there any way I can make the sound/vibrations go away 100%?

treadmill noise exposure

Answer: Bad news. You cannot make the noise and vibrations disappear. Especially if you have a serious treadmill.

But there are several things that can help you in this situation :

– Make sure the treadmill has adequate lubrication. Check the manual and use the lubricant on parts that need it. This operation will reduce the noise.

– Buy a rubber mat and put it under the treadmill. It will reduce the vibrations in the floor. You can buy the mat on producer website or

– Talk to your neighbors and find out when they are not home. You can do the workouts when they are away. Also, you can move the treadmill over a room they don’t use often.

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