Could we use a treadmill with a lower weight limit?

Question: I am considering purchasing a treadmill and I am with limited funds. I weigh around 300 lbs and my husband is about 350 lbs. Nevertheless, nearly every treadmill that’s not extremely costly has weight limits from 250 to 300 lbs. We will not run, just walk and most likely at a speed of 2 mph to 3.5 mph.

Will a lighter capacity treadmill manage to aid us if we walk?

Answer: Probably it will work just fine but if you use it daily (which is what you need to do) it will wear out sooner.

The motor will be the first one that will collapse. If you decide to buy a new machine take one with an extended warranty.

You can consider buying a second hand treadmill as well. On there are plenty of ads with treadmills that are almost new. I’m pretty sure you can find one that will fit both the budget and weight requirements.

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