X-Card Personal Trainer by Bodyguard

Who doesn’t enjoy the likes of a personal trainer? And not just anywhere, but right at your premises! Well, I do. if you’ve reached this article, it’s only fair to presume you do too.

Therefore, what is the X-Card system and what can it do for you?

The X-Card system was designed for people who aim at a healthy weight, body shape and stamina, which is almost everybody.

The Bodyguard Personal Trainer provides you with a wide range of programs, based on your fitness goals and capacity. You are the one to choose how intense the workout will be within 3 available levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each program leads you through your performance with 4 progressive steps of training. Of course, improvement is mostly achieved by evaluating your performance. With the X-Card, you can rewind up to 60 workouts and print your information.

Moreover, X-Card is a combination of intense cardio and interactivity, which means you’ll be working out up to your boiling point while being displayed graphics, charts and reports of your workout data. It sounds like pretty swell fitness proficiency.

X-Card used to be a mirage for most people interested in improving their fitness level. But not anymore. You get the custom fitness design and the certified personal trainer, all into one small card.

To use it, insert X-Card into your console and press JustGo. Choose out of 5 categories available, Healthy Weight, Body Shape, Energy, Sports Training and Outdoors and go with the flow.

But can you use it on any type of unit? Actually no, only on selected cardio Bodyguard equipment that features the X-Technology.

And now, since we did the talk, you might as well do the walk!

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