SurfShelf Review

Or How to Have Safe Access to Your Laptop while Working Out on the Treadmill

Treadmills have been part of our lives for over 2 years. We usually use the treadmill minimum 45 minutes daily. Unfortunately we have a very busy schedule and this is why sometimes we need to skip training because there is too much work to do.

What we do for a living keeps us in front of the PC, sitting on a chair, around 12-14 hours daily (it’s one of the biggest disadvantages our occupation comes with).

Even so, we are passionate about our work. But so we are about running. We run to keep our minds fresh and our bodies healthy. It’s the equilibrium we need to function at our maximum capacity.

A few months ago we started a search for a solution to allow us to do both at the same time: stay connected to the Laptop and workout on the treadmill. We also needed a support we could install on different treadmills, which we often test for our reviews.

This is why in the end, at our friends’ recommendation we chose SurfShelf, a portable treadmill desk.

What we like at this product is that it’s safe to use and easy to carry around. We can place our laptops on the support and still have access to the treadmill’s console to change programs and settings. The laptops can be 17’’ or higher. It’s not an issue. Plus, it can support over 60 lbs without problems.

It works even for ellipticals and exercise bikes. Our friends use it too and they are very happy with the purchase. The advantages of using this product are unlimited. We can now have free entertainment on our treadmill (we don’t need a TV screen, sound system or iPOD deck which add useless costs to a treadmill). Plus, we can have permanent access to the Internet anytime we are on a treadmill, even at the gym. We simply connect the laptop to the Internet with a wireless modem and place it on the Treadmill Desk.

We admit we don’t do that much work while we workout (we need a break from once in a while), but we relax better: we play music videos, we watch episodes from our favorite TV serials, or we learn from a Seminar held online. Time flies easier, we relax, we stay connected if our work demands us too and we run!

After a few months of using it, we can honestly say we are very happy with this acquisition If you want to know more about SurfShelf go to On the website you will find a complete specs list, what frames are compatible with the portable treadmill desk, how you can buy it and where you can have it shipped. We also recommend to contact Randy (the creator of the product) and send him all your questions. He does a 10 + Customer Service job!

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