Landice WalkStation and Mounting Bracket

To work out or to check the latest news?

To work out or to watch my favorite movie? Or maybe talk to my good old friend over the phone, because he’s left the city and now I don’t have the time anymore to see what he’s been up to?

If you’ve ever wondered any of these things above, you can be all happy and chipper because guess what, now you can do them all at the same time.

Indeed, you can, thanks to Landice WalkStation, not a technologic miracle of the 21st century, but a must have for busy people focused on staying fit.

What’s the buzz all about?

You can now surf the internet, read emails, answer emails, even engage in conference calls right at your WalkStation. It’s a great way of keeping clients satisfied without sacrificing your daily run.

Of course, you can just ditch the work features and use the WalkStation at his highest intensity.

What you’ll get and how do you secure your multimedia hardware anyway?

I’m sure you’ve already seen with your mind eyes how your beloved laptop falls and crushes into small little pieces, leaving you with a right on heartbreak. Well, you can relax. These people thought of everything. You get a LapStrap to keep your laptop in place at an optimum viewing angle, an ErgoKey Keyboard Tray so you can write endlessly and carefree, a PhoneDock Telephone Station so your phone remains in your reach and a TreadMouse Mouse Pad for you to click and double-click more easily.

If your mouse is wireless, even better. Moreover, you can mount your own computer monitor with the optional VESA-D mounting bracket. It accepts up to 24-inch VESA-D 75/100 compatible flat screen computers, computer monitors and TVs.

Yes, it also has iPod compatibility. It connects from the iPod’s docking port to a display’s Yellow, Red and White A/V input jacks.

If you think the WalkStation is worth a try, you’ll see for yourself why this unit is a real dream catcher. You can buy it at Big Fitness for $350 and it can be attached to any Landice Treadmill.

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