Tri-Flex Impact Shock Management System from PaceMaster

Protecting users while they are working out on their treadmills never gets old for treadmill producers. This means that they are continuously trying to develop newer, better, faster, more effective shock absorption systems.

It is the case with PaceMaster’s quite unique Tri-Flex Impact Shock Management System , a technological innovation that comprises 3 components that work simultaneously.

This advanced technology offers protection to your joints all the way throughout the workout.

What makes the Tri-Flex so special?

The key with this shock absorption system is that it incorporates a Custom Engineered Tread Deck that flexes every time you flex your foot. Its design produces greater strength in a more flexible ¾ inch deck. Alongside the deck, there are Custom Elastomer

Cushions for an additional shock absorption effect and deflection of impact. The third element is the Aluminum Frame that is much more shock absorbing than steel and also rust-proof.

  • – custom engineered tread deck
  • – custom elastomer cushions
  • – aluminium frame

With the power of these 3 combined, the PaceMaster is able to offer you a stress-free workout experience. I should know. I just bought me a nice little PaceMaster that runs smoothly and carefree.

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