End of Technical Support For the Following

If you own a Star Trac treadmill, then this article will be of interest to you for sure.

On December 7 2011 Star Trac announced the End of Technical Support Life For the Following Treadmills:

– ST1000

– ST1200

– ST1600

– ST1400

– ST1500

– All ST2000 Series

– All ST3000 Series

– TR3050

– TR4000

– TR900 (Black Colored)

– TR901 (Gray Colored)

– TR1800

– TR3900

– TR3500

– Pro Tread 5600 (DC drive)

– Pro Tread 6500 (DC drive)

– Pro Tread 6600 (DC drive)

Their announcement includes a note that some replacement parts can still be ordered from their website.

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