Life Fitness Launches an iPhone Application

At the beginning of November Life Fitness announced the launch of a new Apple Application for their Virtual Trainer system.

What should you expect to receive with this update?

– The Apple compatible application will be available on Life Fitness Elevation Series Engage line of cardio machines and it will permit users to interact with their fitness applications more intensively.

– You will be able to sync your results on your iPhone or iPod with the Life Fitness Virtual Trainer Website.

– You will be able to customize your own workouts and user profiles, keep count of all calories burned right on your Apple product and share your workout updates on Facebook instantly.

– Your iPhone or iPod will have direct connectivity to the Life Fitness Elevation Series Engage cardio products. The application will be automatically recognized by the machine and it will send the workout results directly to the mobile Life Fitness Virtual Trainer.

– A new planned feature (that will be available for a fee) will allow you to have direct access to download expert-recommended Life Fitness programs like 5K Training or Weight Loss. These programs will be launched on the Life Fitness cardio machine consoles in real time.

-Add-ons available will include a library of additional training features, like GPS mapping or music selection.

It is a new future for cardio machines, a future we love here at RunReviews.

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