Landice Orthopedic Shock Absorption System

When I first jumped on a treadmill, I was more excited than on my graduation day. It was like I was opening myself to an incredible experience. Incredible, it was. But also painful.

Yeap, my joints and hips were sore for a few long long days. But the greatest loss was that I was afraid to get on any other treadmill for as long as I shall live.

But then the cushioning system came along and my entire sore and pain were history.

Nowadays, all treadmills are backed up with quality cushions, some of them adjustable according to the type of workout you’re about to embark on.

The Landice Orthopedic Shock Absorption system is an example of cushion system that does the job right. It really does provide the ultimate reduction of impact on joints and knees. It’s 7 times softer than running on grass and here is why.

The optional OrthoPlus system incorporates an orthopedic 4-ply, cushioned treadbelt. This orthopedic tuned suspension technology provides a state-of-the-art system that reduces impact on joints and knees.

If you think this is all a bunch of jibba jabba, just get on a Landice treadmill and check it out for yourself. Feel free to return here and share your experience.

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