ICON Fitness Moving Home Treadmill Manufacturing Overseas


ICON Health and Fitness announced that they will be moving its last U.S. based home fitness equipment manufacturing plants overseas as of the end of October 2015. Manufacturing of home treadmills will now take place in China, instead of in Logan, Utah.

Unfortunately this is becoming quite commonplace in the industry…companies that are known as US companies are shifting much of the work overseas while maintaining design and research facilities in the United States. It’s just simply cheaper to manufacture equipment and everything else for that matter overseas.

It’s sad that this means job elimination for US workers (400 in this case) but everything comes down to profits these days. Hopefully the quality won’t suffer too much, although it is difficult to maintain the same standards with an overseas facility.

ICON announced that it will continue to produce commercial equipment in their other Utah-based facility in Smithfield. We’ll see how long that facility remains open. We’ll keep on top of this one and see how things play out over time.

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