Reebok R 5.80


UPDATE: This is an older model and no longer available. Click on the “See Best Price Now” button to the right to see all of the latest models on sale currently.


The Reebok R 5.80 is a $ 800 treadmill designed for light joggers and walkers. Due to its program selection, aerobic and performance enthusiasts will get a run for their money. And for those looking to lose weight, this is a worthwhile unit.


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Speed : up to 10 mph (Quick Buttons)

Incline : up to 12% (Quick Buttons)

Motor : 2.25 CHP

Belt : 20 x 55 inches/ 51 x 138 cm The belt is backed by adjustable cushioning system.

Maximum User Weight : 300 lbs/ 136 kg

Warranty : lifetime for frame and motor, 1 year for parts and labor


Display info

The over-sized 32 x 128 back lit display offers feedback on speed of the walking belt, walking/ running pace in min/ mile or min/ km, approximate no of burned calories, elapsed time, walked/ run distance, no of completed laps, incline, heart rate and an animation of the road.

When in Manual mode, the console has 3 display modes. It depends on your mode selection which information you receive. You should press Display repeatedly to reach the desired display mode.

To change incline, you must press Incline increase/ decrease and incline will change with 0.5% with every pressing of the button. Or you can go for the quicker way, which is pressing one of the incline buttons numbered 0-12.

The cool thing about this unit is that it has a workout intensity meter which indicates with approximation the intensity level of your exercise.

Heart Rate Readings

Use the hand grip pulse sensors to check out your heart rate. Stand on the foot rails for 10 seconds or more if you want more accuracy while grasping the metal contacts.


This console includes 15 preset workouts, of which 5 weight-loss, 5 performance and 5 aerobic workouts. You also have the iFit Card option, if you want to spice it up a little.

So, when you want to engage in a preset workout, you should follow these steps. If you’re in need of a weight loss or performance workout, press Weight Loss workouts or Performance workouts. To access Aerobic workouts, press Weight Loss workouts and then the Down navigation button until you reach your desired program. Press Enter.

Press Start or Speed increase to start the workout. Alter speed and incline with the press of the Incline and Speed buttons. Select a display mode and follow your performance.

When in mood for iFit workouts, first insert the iFit card into the iFit slot. These have to be bought separately! Select a workout by pressing iFit up and down. After selection, you’ll get the name of the workout, maximum incline and maximum speed and workout time. Start the workout. During your workout, you’ll have a personal trainer guiding you step by step.

If you want, you can make audio settings for your personal trainer. You may find it easier. Select your display mode, get your feedback, turn on the fan and check out your heart rate. When you’re done, just remove the key from console.

Folding Options




iFit Card Compatibility


These cards have to be bought separately. Check out our article about iFIT Workouts to find out more details about this option.

Sound System

This console has iPod compatibility, which you can connect to the console. As a matter of fact, you can connect any player you have.

Information Mode

This console incorporates what seems to look like an electronic log of the machine. The information mode keeps track of total no of miles that the walking belt has moved and total no of hours that the treadmill has been in function mode.

You can select miles/ km as unit measurements. To get to this mode, hold down Stop while inserting the key into the console and release Stop.


The Reebok R 5.80 is a unit for those who are not interested in perfection nor performance. It’s a low budget unit with features and warranty that match the price. We must say there are other models greatly similar to this one for the same or lower price. We only recommend it to those users who will purchase this machine in order to achieve basic goals.

The R 5.80 has its pros which we are not here to dispute, on the contrary. Firstly, the motor is a safe insurance for consistent workouts. It’s not as weak as a 2 CHP motor, but also it’s not that powerful. Mainly, avid athletes won’t be getting many advantages out of this one, but joggers and walkers will.

The running surface is average but it holds up to 300 lbs. It’s a notable feature for heavier users who seek to lose weight. And talking about losing weight, a good thing about this model is that it incorporates 5 Weight Loss workouts. still they are not complete weight loss workouts as you can’t really count on the heart rate reading system.

In addition, there are 5 performance workouts and 5 aerobic workouts that you can undertake for your fitness goals. The program selection was one of our primary interests and it turned out we had good reasons to check out the R 5.80 and its features. It’s not the best in this price range, but it works well for the treadmill purpose.

For more diversity and the latest personalized workouts, this console includes iFit Cards compatibility. Not only you’ll be getting customized workouts but you’ll also be guided through your programs with the assistance of an audio trainer. It’s a cool feature, especially for those whose motivation is off-balanced. But this costs more to have.

You get to cool off with the incorporated fan. You also get to listen to your all-time tunes with the high-quality sound system.

And a feature that you don’t get too often is the adjustable cushioning system. You can make your own cushioning settings according to the workout difficulty you’re about to start.

All these features make this treadmill a decent machine.

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