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Silver Select XP Overview


UPDATE: Pacemaster is no longer in business. Check out our top treadmills in the $1500-$2000 range for a comparable treadmill.

The Silver Select XP ($1,600 through Amazon in Octomber 2012) is another quality treadmill built by PaceMaster, a trustworthy company which has proven its reliability. The Silver Select XP is richly featured, which makes user experience more pleasant, comfortable and safe, not to forget diverse and motivational.

This unit has received innumerable positive reviews and I can see why. Check out next a detailed review of the Silver Select XP treadmill and then, go to Conclusions for a final overview.


Click Specifications to see detailed model info

Speed : 0.5 - 11 mph (adjusted with 0.1 mph increments), Express buttons are included, if you want to modify speed in 0.1 mph increments without pressing the +/- buttons too many times.

Incline : 0% - 15% (adjusted with 0.5% increments), The same Express buttons apply for Incline and they have 1% increments.

Motor : 3 hp continuous duty by McMillan Electric

Belt : 20" x 54"/ 51 cm x 137 cm, 2-ply premium

Cushioning system : Tri-Flex Impact Shock Management System

Folding options : No

Maximum user weight : 225 lbs/ 102 kg

Unit dimensions : 68" L x 30.5" W x 54" H/ 172 cm x 77.5 x 137

Unit weight : 190 lbs/ 86 kg

Power requirements : 120 VAC 50-60hz, grounded outlet with the same configuration as the cord.

Warranty : lifetime for frame, 12 years for motor, 5 years for parts, 1 year for labor and 1 year warranty on all treadmill wear parts such as belt, deck and rollers



Display info

10 X 12 Multi-Color Dot Matrix, 5 – .56″ tall LEDs

The console gives you feedback on time, distance, speed, incline, calories, aerobic points, heart rate and heart rate zone.

Available keys are Incline Up and Down, Speed +/-, Start Quick button, Stop/ Reset button, Pause/ Enter, Warm up/ Cool down, Select/ Preview button, Programs buttons, Program/ Intensity level, Express keys, Express incline/ speed.

You can adjust age, weight, max incline, max speed, warm up and cool down.

Heart rate info

There are 2 available heart rate reading options: wireless chest strap, included in the price and the contact heart rate sensors.

PaceMaster Silver Select XP Console


There are three program options: Quick Start, Manual and Calorie Coach. Nine levels of intensity are available for the following programs: Rolling Hills, Speed Intervals, Mixed Intervals, Summit Climb, 5K Event and Endurance. Four heart rate programs are also featured: Heart Zone Monitor, Target HRC, Fat Burn HRC and Cardio HRC.

Two custom programs can be set up to meet your unique requirements.

To use Calorie Coach, press Incline Up/Down buttons to set your weight and Speed Up/Down buttons to set your age. Press Pause/ enter. Press P1-P9/ H1-H3 button once and P1 will appear. Set the no of calories you want to burn and then set starting speed and incline. Do the same for all other programs.


There should be no water, dirt, solvents, fluids or abrasive materials come between the tread belt and the deck. Belt should always be clean. Use a damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt.


The Silver Select XP is another jewel in the PaceMaster family. We highly recommend this treadmill for the impressive pack of features that creates a difference between this unit and other PaceMaster models. It’s got a set of unique advantages that are definitely worthy of your time. Let’s see how you can benefit from the Silver Select XP.


The Silver Select XP is a solid treadmill powered by a powerful motor which has the capacity to move you forward. We’ve put this treadmill to more than 1 tests and it passed with brio.

To match the sturdiness, this treadmill is also backed up by serious 5 star cushioning. Your ankles and joints will be forever safe with the Tri-Flex system. It’s one of the best cushioning configurations we’ve ever seen. The problem, because yes, good cushioning may sometimes be problematic, is that this treadmill doesn’t have a heavy feel. Some serious runners are more attracted by treadmills that imitate outdoor running as effectively as possible. The truth is the belt is too soft to mime trails and tracks. So yes, this is something to think about before buying. You should definitely try it once before making a decision.

So we got this straight, the Silver Select XP is not a unit built for runners. It is light and it’s got a too short belt. 20″ x 54″ is not something runners look forward to. Also, it has a thinner deck than the Gold or Premiere units.

But it is made of top quality components that ensure a long usage. It’s got a diverse array of appealing workouts, especially if you’re looking to lose the extra weight or if you’re into cardio training. You’ve got the wireless chest strap for HRC workouts, so you’re definitely in for a great experience, but you have to be more of a walker or jogger, or light runner, that’s the deal.

We like this treadmill because it has a rich pack of features, user-friendly, easy to use, that deliver feedback as accurate as possible.

The console is easy to read and settings are intuitive.

Silver Select XP Belt View

Main attraction

The buzz revolves around the abundance of features that make user experience easy and pleasant. Plus, they add diversity and motivation.

We are a fan of PaceMaster because they only use quality components and they build reliable treadmills. Other than that, we can’t say we’ve been impressed by any notable feature.


Again, the running belt is short, which is an inconvenient for many. Also, it’s a light treadmill, so don’t expect a recollection of outdoor running. Mainly because, as said previously, this isn’t a treadmill for runners.

Plus, the $2,300* isn’t too far from the Gold unit, which adds a stronger frame and a heavier feel.

All in all, if you’re a light jogger or a walker or you want to shed extra weight or strengthen your muscles, this is a recommendable treadmill that will enhance your workout experience and will help you reach high results efficiently.

Click here to visit the official Silver Select XP page.

*2,300 is the value listed on the official website in October 2012 and it doesn’t include tax, shipping and delivery.

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