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PaceMaster Platinum Pro-VR Overview


UPDATE: Pacemaster is out of business and their treadmills are no longer available for sale. Take a look at our Best Buy treadmills to find a great new model for your home.

The Platinum Pro VR has been a best buy from PaceMaster for years. It puts together an inspiring collection of features that any avid runner will find appealing: both uphill and downhill trail running, a wide range of weight loss workouts, personal trainer, motivational trails around the world and a user-friendly console to back it all up.

Reliability and reputation of PaceMaster are also part of the package.

Check out our review of the Platinum Pro VR and jump to Conclusions for a final overlook.


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Speed : 0.5 - 12 mph (adjusted with 0.1 mph increments)

Incline : 0 - 12% (adjusted with 0.5% increments)

Decline : 0 -3% (adjusted with 0.5% increments)

Motor : 3 hp Continuous Duty by McMillan

Belt : 20" x 60"/ 50.8 cm x 152.4 cm

Cushioning system : Tri-Flex Impact Shock Management System

Folding options : No

Maximum user weight : 250 lbs/ 113 kg

Unit dimensions : 73.5" L x 33" W x 57" H/ 186.7 cm x 83.8 x 144.8

Unit weight : 205 lbs/ 93.18 kg

Power requirements : 120 VAC 50-60hz, grounded outlet only that matches the configuration of the plug.

Warranty : lifetime for frame, 12 years for drive motor, 5 years for parts and 1 year for labor.


PaceMaster Platinum Pro-VR console

Display info

12 x 15 multi-color dot matrix, 3 x .56 ” tall LEDs, 2 x .80 ” tall LEDs

Display shows feedback on time, speed, distance, incline, calories, aerobic points, heart rate, heart rate zone, average speed and pace.

Available buttons are Incline + and -, Speed + and -, Start, Pause, Stop, Timer + and -, Warm up Cool down, Express keys, Express incline, Express speed, Program intensity level, Fat burn, Cardio, Personal trainer, Virtual reality, Left data select, Right data select. When red lights are active, you must insert age, weight, max incline, max speed, warm up and cool down.

There are 4 available user IDs. To set the user ID, stand on the running belt and attach the garment clip on the end of the magnetic safety key to your clothing. Select a user ID, incline, remove and reinsert the magnetic safety key and press the user ID until the desired number is displayed.

You can recall the cumulative/ individual summary of your last seven workouts and also you can configure your user information.

Heart rate info

The two options available are wireless chest strap transmitter and heart rate contacts.


There are 3 program options you can choose from: Quick start, Manual and Calorie coach.

There are 9 levels of intensity for each of these 6 Personal Trainer workouts: Thigh Shaper, Glute Toner, Waist Reducer, Hill Intervals, Speed Intervals and Mixed Intervals.

5 heart rate workouts are available: Heart Rate Monitor, Target HRC, Fat Burn Zone HRC, Cardio Zone and Interval HRC.

Additionally, you have 6 Virtual Reality Courses: Lombard Street, Steeple Chase, Appalachian Trail, Summit Climb, Coastal Path and Tahoe Rim.

Fitness Evaluationoptions are also included.

The HRC programs act as your personal trainer. You set your target and the treadmill takes care of the rest.

In addition, 3 custom workouts are ready to use.

Integrated reading rack




After subjecting this treadmill to a trial, we decided it’s official: you spend some serious $2,700*, but it’s definitely worth it. The PaceMaster Platinum Pro VR is one of their highlighted releases. It’s got an impressive range of features, attractive programs, generous options and an easy-to-read manual, which doesn’t lack importance. We recommend this treadmill and here is why.


If you’re looking into buying this treadmill, you must be an enthusiast runner. Platinum VR comes with a multitude of features that were a real boost for our daily runs.

Starting with the motor, it’s large, sturdy and it’s powerful and also, able to support a -3 decline. We’ve experienced no inconvenience whatsoever, but it’s true it’s not backed up by a lifetime warranty, unlike other competitive manufacturers.

Moving on to the belt, of course it’s large and long, enough for users with heights and weights above average to have a comfortable performance on the running belt.

And we’re talking about serious running here, the kind that can imitate outdoor running at any time. The Platinum VR is packed with 3 decline levels from 0 to -3 which is a real buzz for users who enjoy hill intervals. It’s pretty hard on the knees, so make sure you will use the decline feature before deciding on the purchase.

This treadmill is not only ideal for downhill avid runners but also who have a tough time with monotony. That’s history on the Platinum VR, thanks to a series of stimulating workouts that are not only efficient but also fun. We’re mostly talking about the 6 distance-based courses based on famous itineraries, for example Tahoe Rim or Appalachian trails. If you’re the mountain type, you’ll get a real kick out of this feature.

Users with weight issues will be guided through the programming process and will have a multitude of programs to choose from, so variety is included, which is almost crucial in weight loss.

Up to 4 individuals can use this treadmill in the same interval. 4 user IDs allows you to insert your own values, save your workouts and later on, check out a summary of collective or individual workout info. It’s a great feature for monitoring your performance in time, so you know where you go wrong and right.

The warranty though is good, but not great, and that’s because of the motor which unfortunately isn’t insured for life.

PaceMaster Platinum Pro-VR Belt View

Main attraction

The main attraction is definitely the wide and diverse range of workouts. This is a treadmill built for efficiency, and the quality of the components is a proof this unit was designed to last.


Sure, it’s not all milk and honey. Some users say that the frame is somewhat shaky. We haven’t experience it by now, but it may as well happen.

Also, if you’re nostalgic for touch screen, you can forget it. There’s none on the Platinum unit.

Plus, music or video are also history. But we believe the reliability and reputation of PaceMaster will offset the lack of entertainment.

To sum it up, PaceMaster Platinum Pro VR is a treadmill that we highly recommend. Still, if you won’t be using the decline feature, we say you should consider the PaceMaster Silver which is $400 less and has the same programming suite, but less workouts.

*2,700 is the price listed on the official website in November 2012 and it doesn’t include shipping, delivery and sale taxes.

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