Reebok T 6.80


UPDATE: This is an older model and no longer available. Click on the “See Best Price Now” button to the right to see all of the latest models on sale currently.


The Reebok T 6.80 is a low budget treadmill that reviewers have found quite appealing, for this price range.

For $700, this machine is multi-featured, has a generous array of workouts, and it offers simple yet accurate feedback.


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Speed : up to 10 mph

Incline : up to 10%

Motor : 2.75 hp

Belt : 20 x 55 inches/ 51 x 140 cm

Maximum User Weight : 300 lbs/ 136 kg

Unit Weight : 250 lbs/ 113 kg

Unit Dimensions : 72 inches W x 53 H x 34 D/ 183 cm x 134 x 86

Warranty : lifetime for frame, 25 years for motor, 1 year for parts and labor


Display info

The display offers basic feedback. It keeps track of the approximate number of burned calories, elapsed time, distance, incline and speed and additionally, a ¼ mile track. You can choose out of 2 display modes. Still, remember that no matter what display you opt for, speed and incline will appear for several seconds before you change the settings.

To change incline and speed, press Incline/ Speed Decrease or Increase buttons.

Heart Rate Readings

You can measure your heart rate by either using the handgrip sensors or the chest pulse sensor that you must purchase separately.


The T 6.80 includes 8 classic workouts and custom programs that you can personalize according to your own needs.
To begin a classic workout, go to Classic Workouts and press repeatedly.

The display will give you duration, maximum speed and incline setting. Press Start. Begin exercising and make incline and speed changes whenever you feel like it. Monitor your performance with the display of your choice and monitor your heart rate.

To use the weight loss center, press the Weight Loss Center button. Enter your weight, your calorie goal and the desired duration. Press Enter after each selection. Weight values will be saved in the console’s memory.

Press Start and monitor your performance with the display. The Weight Loss Center allows you to insert your personal values so that you receive accurate feedback. This is an important feature for many users, especially for those looking to lose weight.

Folding options


Sound System with iPod Compatibility

The sound system is compatible with iPod and any other player you may have. Connect your player and use the sound system according to instructions.

Information Mode

The Information mode keeps track of total distance the belt has moved and the total amount of time the treadmill has been in use.


The Reebok T 6.80 is an average budget treadmill with multi features and diverse programs.

We recommend it to light runners and joggers and to those who want to engage in consistent weight loss programs.

But let’s take it gradually. Firstly, the motor is powerful enough to make you push yourself to the limit. The good thing is that the walking belt is large enough to ensure comfort and efficiency during workout.

And speaking of workouts, there’s plenty for you to choose from. Apart from the 8 classic workouts, there is the weight loss center that any user eager to lose weight will find most helpful. The main attraction with this weight loss center is that it allows you to insert your weight, calorie and duration of the workout. These features are pretty much a clear insurance of your performance. All you have to do is keep your motivation up and your feet on the running deck.

For us, it’s really helpful and also a key advantage to be able to enter personal weight values. This way, feedback is more accurate and you’ll be able to always be in control of your workouts.

For those who get tired easily, this treadmill offers a feature that pumps your motivation and keeps you on the running deck until you reach your goals. The sound system is of high-quality and the cool thing is that it has iPod compatibility. As a matter of fact, you can use any player you have, but you can also plug in your iPod.

When you are not using the treadmill, just fold it for better usage of the space. And on top of everything, the warranty is quite convenient for a low budget machine. Lifetime for frame, 25 years for motor, 1 year for parts and labor sounds pretty good. Strangely, we’ve encountered this kind of warranty for treadmills above $1000.

Plus, this is not a treadmill you can use for more than a couple of years. For the investment you make you get the most of it.

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