Horizon GS1040T


UPDATE: This in as obsolete treadmill. Read our newest Horizon reviews to learn more about the current models you should look into.

Horizon GS1040T is $800, same price as Horizon T92.

At first glance you would think the machine comes with a large variety of features that could make it a perfect deal: small price and advanced features that only treadmills over $1,000 have.


Click Specifications to see detailed model info

Speed : 0.5-10 MPH (1 Touch) If you use the up/down arrows you change speed with 0.1 increments. If you use the Set Speed button you just press the desired value (from 1 to 10) and the treadmill will increase speed automatically until it reaches the desired value.

Inclination : 0-10% (1 Touch) If you use the up/down arrows you change speed with 0.5 increments. If you use the Set Incline buttons you just press the desired value (from 1 to 10) and the treadmill will increase incline automatically until it reaches the desired value.

Motor : 2.25 CHP

Belt : 20" x 55" (50.8 cm x 139.7 cm) The belt is backed by an Adjustable cushion system, FLEXzone.

Supported user weight : 300 lbs

Warranty : You receive a lifetime warranty for frame and motor, 1 year for electronics and 1 year for labor.



includes also MyView 1 and 2 options

To change the display, click on the button ‘Change’.

During workout you can see as feedback the following info, depending on the display chosen:

– Time in minutes: seconds

– Distance in miles

– Speed in mph

– Approximate number of Calories burned or left to be burned

– Incline

– Pulse/Heart Rate

– Workout Profiles

– Time elapsed to complete goal is shown in days and hours

– 2 customizable user feedback windows named MYVIEW 1 and MYVIEW 2 (you select what specific feedback it’s more important for you to see during exercise)

Heart Rate Readings

through Contact Handles

This is the same feature as on all treadmills. It displays info based on the pulse readings when you use the contact handles. The info is an approximated value of your heart rate which you can use as feedback, but not as a medical reference.


1 Manual Workout (allows you to control Incline and Speed);

1 Intervals Workout – This is a time based workout with 10 levels of intensity based on speed changes;

1 Rolling Hills Workout – This is a time based workouts with 10 levels of intensity based on speed changes;

1 Weight Loss Workout – This is a time based workouts with 10 levels of intensity based on speed and incline changes;

1 Foothills Workout – This is a time based workouts with 10 levels of intensity based on incline changes;

1 Golf Course Workout – Simulates various inclines and yardages for holes on a golf course, with 4 tee-off boxes and 9 or 18 holes to choose from. This is a Distance (yards) based goal;

2 Custom and Save Workouts – You set the time, speed for 15 segments and incline for 15 segments;

8 Goals Workouts;

The Goal workouts

allow setting goals for 1 or 2 weeks: 10 miles, 20 miles, 1200 calories, 2400 calories. You must deactivate the Goal Workout when another person uses the treadmill. You can reactivate it when you hop on the treadmill again and resume the work on your weekly goals. At the end of 1 or 2 weeks set you will know if you reached your goals or not.

The workouts don’t have an individual user profile enabled.


on/off controls.

Sound System

You can plug in your MP3 or CD player only. The console includes 2 speakers and no volume control.

Folding treadmill

You can move the treadmill when it’s properly folded. The folding system is supported by hydraulic lift assist, which takes some weight from your shoulders when you want to fold it. But, it’s a heavy machine. You may need a second person to assist you during the process.


We got to test Horizon T92 before we tested this machine. Maybe this is why we thought Horizon GT1040T works better when you keep count that both treadmills cost the same.

The cushion system installed on Horizon GT1040T feels better than that installed on Horizon T92. We liked the workouts on this treadmill better too. They offer more variety. We especially enjoyed training with the Weight Loss workout which has 10 intensity levels to choose from. Preset workouts are wisely built and we appreciate it.

But, besides that, they offer you the same limited functionality. We can even say we tested $500 treadmills with the same motor, speed and incline features and had the same basic experience: you can walk or jog easily; you can also run but only within 5-6 mph limit without feeling the treadmill unstable. Even the preset workouts don’t go more than 8.5 mph speed.

We don’t recommend the treadmill for those interested in doing heavy running workouts. It’s not fit to cope with intensive training.

The motor is silent enough within 5-6 mph speed limit which is a good detail. Over this level, it will get loud.

Incline and speed change automatically during preset workouts and they are efficient controls.

Another detail we appreciate at this treadmill is that it allows training for sprint races.

We also got good reviews from people with 200-250 lbs weight saying that it can cope with their weight loss workouts, as long as they use it to walk or light jog.

It is a treadmill easy to assemble if you want to do it on your own and not call a specialist.

But we don’t like the set goal calories at all. They are useless as they don’t keep count of your personal info, like weight and age.

Still, the set distance calories are good and really challenging if you’re determined to keep up with a regular training system.

Console speakers are awful. The sound is really bad. You can simply use your iPod and headsets to listen to your music without using the console’s audio system.

Same as Horizon T92 the treadmill has a poor warranty. We recommend you go with the extended warranty. You don’t have to choose this option when you buy the machine. You can extend your warranty at any time during the first year of use.

And another detail; if you get bad parts when it’s shipped, call Horizon directly. They are obliged to assist you as written in the warranty.

In conclusion, buy it only if you find acceptable its limitations. If you want something better in the same price or over $1,000 click to see other options we recommend.

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