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**UPDATE** Johnson Health Tech is no longer selling exercise equipment under the LIVESTRONG name. For comparable treadmills read our Horizon treadmill reviews.

The LIVESTRONG LSPRO2 Treadmill, same as the LSPRO1, is a unit with great similarities to commercial grade units. It is a sturdy, durable and innovative machine that encourages users to outrun themselves. It’s a machine built for passionate runners, in need of workout diversity and entertainment, backed up by an efficient cushioning system.

But it’s not all milk and honey.


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Speed : up to 12 mph

Incline : up to 15%

Motor : 3.25 CHP

Belt : 20 in x 60 in/ 51 cm x 152 cm

Cushioning System : RunnerFirm Cushioning System

Folding Options : not included

Maximum User Weight : 350 lbs/ 158.8 kg

Unit Dimensions : 79 in x 37 x 59/ 200.7 cm x 94 x 150

Unit Weight : 290 lbs/ 131.5 kg

Warranty : lifetime for frame and motor, 5 years for parts and 2 years for labor.


Display Info

The extra large LED multiple windows offers quick feedback on: time, incline, distance, speed, calories, pace and heart rate.

You can setup clock and date and also you can reset the console at any time.

The console also features a Quick adjust keypad that allows you to change speed and incline quicker than the classic system. Additionally, there is a Set incline key and Set speed key used to change speed and incline to level entered into keypad.

Heart Rate Readings

This treadmill offers a dual heart reading system: either use the contact grips or the wireless system. We recommend the second option.


The LSPRO2 comes with 24 programs: Manual, Speed intervals, Peak intervals, Weight Loss, Rolling Hills, Foot hills, Mountain climb, 5K/10K, Pacer, THR Zone, HR Intervals, Austin, Spring Classic, 8 Livetrack Intercative programs and 2 custom programs.

To start a program, select user 1, 2 or guest user and press Enter. Select a program using +/- and press Enter. Complete the program setup and press Start.

Peak Intervals is a good choice for users looking to improve strength, speed and endurance by increasing and decreasing the speed and incline throughout the workout.

If you’re looking for a stamina boost, Rolling Hills is an optimum choice. It simulates running up and down hills to improve muscle tone and also is weight loss efficient.

To use a custom program, select Custom 1 or 2, select Weight, Time, Speed, Incline and press Start.

The cool thing about this treadmill is that it features the Livetrack Interactive technology that you can use by inserting the USB stick that allows users to interact with and the food tracking application, The Daily Plate.

Livetrack Interactive Technology

This technology allows users to track their workouts on, use the Lance-endorsed training plans and also the new fitness cardio programs from Livestrong.

Interactive Passport Media Player featuring Virtual Active

This treadmill offers the possibility to run on 2 trails throughout the Southwest America and Northern Italy. These trails project to your TV, which enables audio/ video workout enhancement. The wireless accessory is included in the price.

CD/ MP3 Player

You can use the speakers or you can plug your headphones into the Audio Out jack at the bottom of the console.


The LSPRO2 is a treadmill built for runners focused on outrunning themselves. Less entertainment and more efficiency is what I always say, and here is Livestrong with a downright proof showing they agree with me on this one. First and foremost, if you’re an avid runner, in search of a strong, durable and sturdy treadmill, I suggest you stay here till the end. If not, a more user-friendly unit, appropriate for average users is recommended.


So, you’re a taller user? No worries. The running surface is backed up with all the length it needs so that you don’t feel like you’ll be falling off the treadmill at any time.

And you’re somewhat worried about the cushioning? Don’t be. This treadmill is backed up by a firm cushioning system that really keeps the stress off of you. We tested it recurrently and may I say, we feel like brand new once we get off the belt.

We were kind of expecting it, though. After all, the LSPRO2 is an almost commercial machine. I say almost because it’s more of a higher standard than other in-home treadmills. A plus is the full-cast aluminum frame that seems to be made to last. A lifetime even, at least according to the warranty.

But what is a sturdy treadmill good for if it’s not packed with workouts from easy to very difficult? Luckily, you won’t have to find out. This treadmill comes with a wide range of programs, to meet your any requirement. In fact, there are also 2 custom programs available, which is a plus for many users out there. It definitely is for us.

Main attraction

But it’s not all about the in-built workouts. You have the option to download workouts from the official website, and also to track your performance in time. All you need is a USB that you get for free because it comes with the package.

But the buzz revolves around an innovative technology called Passport Media Player, a feature that gives you the opportunity to run on highly exciting trails. For free, you get to run around Southwestern America and Northern Italy. It’s quite funny, actually. If you’re missing Venice, you simply get on the treadmill and enjoy the cityscape, money-free. It seems to me like a sweet deal. It’s more of a replacement of iFit, if you will.

As an additional plus, you get the wireless chest strap for free.


But before you go all chipper about the Passport technology, note that you won’t be using it unless you have a TV right in front of you. And since it’s not an easy unit to move around, you won’t be able to simply transport the treadmill in front of the TV and then just roll it back.

Secondly, you may expect a more complex console, for the price. But it’s not, it’s rather simpler than other treadmills in the same price range. Unless this detail doesn’t matter, you should consider it when making your decision.

All in all, we recommend the LSPRO2 for its sturdiness, powerful motor, workout dynamics, innovative technology and functionality. If you have $2,000 to spare or you find it in sale, you should hesitate no more.

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    can you change the treadmill from mph to kph on the LS Pro2?

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