Livestrong LS9.9T


Display Info

You have ‘Change Display’ button to browse and select the desired display. Only 2 windows are available.

Time elapsed or remaining in minutes: seconds

– Distance in miles
– Approximate number of calories burned
– Heart rate in beats per minute
– Speed in mph
– Incline
– Workout Totals
– Last 5 Workouts
– Personal Best
– Date and Time info (set-up by you)


Heart Rate Readings

through Contact Handles


1 Manual workout (allows controlling the speed and incline)

Preset Workouts:
1 Speed Intervals workout with 10 levels of intensity options (workout based on speed)

1 Peak Intervals workout with 10 levels of intensity options (workout based on the incline and speed)

1 Weight Loss workout with 10 levels of intensity options (workout based on incline, speed and heart target zone where fat is burned faster). The workout is based on a general formula

1 Rolling Hills workout with 10 levels of intensity (workout based on speed, simulating up and down running)

1 Foot Hills workout with 10 levels if intensity (workout based on incline, simulating hill ascent and descent)

1 Mountain Climb workout with also 10 levels of intensity (simulates mountain ascent and descent, based on incline)

2 5k/10k workouts with 10 levels of intensity. This is a distance based workout with automatic incline and speed change.

1 Pacer workout (you enter time and distance you want to run and the treadmill automatically adjusts speed to be the same throughout the workout)

2 Custom and Save workouts.

LIVETRACK Fitness Journal

This feature enables using a progress journal per user and maximum 2 users are possible.

The software records workout data per user and allows making comparison with the best performance results of the last 5 workouts results.


On/Off controls included

Sound System

You can connect an iPod, MP3 or a CD player in the console. The console includes the speakers. Volume can be controlled only from the audio device.

Folding treadmill

This treadmill can be folded and moved around, but it’s very heavy. Don’t do this operation alone.


We definitely recommend LS9.9T treadmill for its $1,000 price. It’s definitely one of the best buys treadmills we’ve tested so far. It can work perfect for those who need a machine for frequent exercising and want to add some running in their workouts. You can’t use it for intensive running, but it can definitely work smoothly if you run an Interval workout at the hardest level of intensity.

The treadmill is sturdy, has a powerful and quiet motor and a complete workout system. Plus the warranty is one of the best in this price range.


The fact that is a new brand, this is a good feature. They try to offer competitive features in a good price range so they can convince you to buy it and recommend to your friends to do the same. Plus, the company who manufactures Livestrong treadmills and is behind the brand’s marketing strategy has been in this market for over 35 years. Their technology is already tested. Now they are trying to expand and win new segments under a new look, brand and strategy.

Livestrong LS9.9T has some small minuses though. Most important we noticed is that the cushion system is pre-installed (3 firmness levels added). So, for example, if you prefer a firmer running surface because you weigh more or you want to run faster, you have to run in the back of the belt. Don’t do so, because you won’t make it safe and sound. The idea is that an adjustable cushion system is more practical and useful to use.

The treadmill comes with the innovative LIVETRACK journal, but it still doesn’t allow entering your personal info like weight and age. These details are very helpful to calculate an approximate number of calories burned which would be more useful in your diet.

But the other preset workouts are very nice and challenging. You can’t get bored easily and this is a great detail.

We also used the console to test our iPod and it works pretty well. The sound of the motor is low and the sound from the speakers is clear enough to feel comfortable when using this feature, even at high speed.

The next comment is not necessarily a Livestrong weakness or a strong point, just a real fact: the treadmill is heavy. It’s so heavy that you can’t move it around easily. But for the price paid this is a normal behavior.

Also, make sure you assemble the treadmill where you use it because it’s very hard to move.

In conclusion, Livestrong LS9.9T is an offer which you can’t overlook. It is powerful enough to keep up with 5k, 10 k or speed intervals very well and we strongly recommend it for this type of exercises.

As we said at the beginning, this treadmill is not capable to keep up with long time training. For this intensity level, you need a more powerful machine.

PS: You will want to read the rest of the LIVESTRONG reviews. Each model they’ve launched since this one has something special. If you need help, we can offer it to you anytime.

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