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Johnson Health Tech is no longer selling exercise equipment under the LIVESTRONG name. For comparable machines read our Horizon treadmill reviews.

The LIVESTRONG LS13.0T Treadmill is a model similar to the LS12.9T treadmill, only better. This is one of Livestrong’s latest units and it has caught our attention really quickly.

What is different than with the predecessor model, Livestrong LS12.9T? The new interactive LIVETRACK system with MP3 and iPod compatible and the LIVETRACK Fitness Journal system are the new updates added with LS13.0T. The rest of the features and components are the same as LS12.9T. Even the price is the same.

Stay tuned to check out the LS13.0T and go to Conclusions to learn more about our experience.


Click Specifications to see detailed model info

Speed : up to 12 MPH (1 Touch)

Incline : up to 14% (1 Touch)

Motor : 3.0 CHP

Belt : 20 " x 60 "/ 51 x 152 cm

Maximum User Weight : 350 lbs/ 159 kg

Assembled Unit Dimensions : 79 " L x 36 " W x 58 " H/ 201 x 91 x 147 cm

Assembled Unit Weight : 249 lbs/ 113 kg

Warranty : lifetime for frame and motor, 5 years for parts, 2 years for in-home labor. You can also buy extended warranty (extended 1 year service plan - $70 and 2 year extended service plan for $109)


Display Info

The display is exactly the same as on the LS12.9T treadmill model.

There are 4 LED windows to show info about remaining/ elapsed time, distance in miles, incline, speed, calories, heart rate. What is new that the console includes a special display especially for LiveTrack Journal and LiveTrack Interactive when activated.

LiveTrack Interactive

LiveTrack Interactive is a new key feature of Livestrong treadmills. It was launched together with Livestrong LS10.0T and it’s currently available on 2 treadmills only (this one and the LS10.0T).

Basically this is a free USB program system that allows adding new treadmill workouts in the console. You can also save workout data from your treadmill to the USB device, and then in your MAC or PC so you can track your workouts on the LiveStrong website.

The transfer is made from and to this URL: From here you can download the latest 12 week training program for treadmills built by Peter Park. Copy the program in the USB that comes with the treadmill. Then you plug the USB in treadmill’s console and you copy it in the console. Instructions are detailed in the User Manual as well.

You can read more program details here:

LIVETRACK Fitness Journal

Also, just like the LiveStrong LS10.0T, this model includes a LiveTrack Fitness Journal. It’s a helpful tool to track progress made throughout your training program.

You can save data for up to 2 users.

Reports available are:

Personal Best (lists 5 personal bests from all previous workouts): the fastest mile, fastest 5k time, longest workouts by distance and by time, and most calories burned in one workout

Last 5 Workouts details: time, distance, calories, pace and feet climbed during an workout.

Workouts Totals

Heart Rate Readings

You can either use the wireless chest strap or the incorporated contact grips.


The console includes 14 workout programs, well-structured and built for differential goals: the Manual program, Speed Intervals, Peak Intervals, Weight Loss, Rolling Hills, Foot Hills, Mountain Climb, 5K/ 10K. Pacer, Custom, THR Zone and HR Intervals.

If you’re looking to improve strength and increase endurance, go to Speed Intervals or Peak Intervals.

Lose the extra pounds by training in your fat burning zone with the Weight Loss program. Run up and down hills to increase stamina and muscle tone with the Rolling Hills program. THR Zone is the workout you can undertake if you want to stimulate intensity of your daily sport and the HR Intervals offers alternating target heart rate work and bursts of recovery.

It depends on your own current fitness level which program you want to engage in. And if you find that you want to design your own workout according to your personal needs, just go to Custom and create your own.



Folding Options


iPod Compatibility



The LS13.0T is a keeper. We totally recommend it to anyone looking for a powerful, widely featured machine. We nominated the Livestrong LS12.9T in the Best Buy – $1000-$1500 category. This new improved model deserves to be listed in the same top as an alternative to LS12.9T.

For the money paid, the treadmill offers a good workout experience. The motor is silent and strong. The deck is large and robust. The cushion system is reliable and doesn’t disappoint.

The programs selection is well structured. You have a program for each goal your want to reach. There are 14 programs that you can choose from, of which a Custom option you can use to design your own training program. Some treadmills have more, but trust us, this number is enough if you’re determined to start a long term training program.

We like that his model includes a wireless chest strap that you get for free when you purchase the treadmill. It makes HR and THR programs so much easier and effective.

And when you’re too exhausted during tough training, just turn on the fan and cool off. And plug in your iPod/ MP3 player for a boost of motivation. They work impressively well for the money paid.

When you’re done, just fold the treadmill and store it somewhere where it doesn’t take up useful space. This is an excellent feature for those who have little space to spare.

To be totally honest, this is a rather heavy unit with large dimensions. But in the same time, you know this is what it takes to have a strong, powerful treadmill.

The warranty package of this model insures the high-quality and durability of this unit. Lifetime for frame and motor, 5 years for parts, 2 years for in-home labor can only mean this model was built to last. We always liked Livestrong warranty offer. And now they include 2 optional extra service warranties which are worth the investment.

You don’t have to think too long about it. If you set your mind on this model, go for it. It’s an excellent opportunity! For other info you can check the official page

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