NordicTrack Support Videos

NordicTrack has recently added new videos on their ICON Fitness YouTube Channel, and we believe they will come in handy for you,  especially if you plan on buying one of their machines, or you already own one.

Assembly of any treadmill can be tough, especially if you’re not the handyman or handy woman type. Extra help, besides manual and exploded diagrams, is always welcome. We don’t like paying extra for assembly from the manufacturer, even if, sometimes, we should. In most cases, 2 persons are needed to assembly a treadmill, it takes around 2-3 hours to do it, and you make more mess than you would like to. Icon Fitness models are not the exception to this rule.

Here are the most popular ones for your viewing pleasure…

Lubricating the Walking Belt on Your Treadmill

Tensioning the Treadmill Walking Belt

Replacing the Drive Motor on Your Treadmill

Aligning the Walking Belt

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